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Världens Band - 23rd Oct 2014

15 musicians, 7 countries, 3 continents, 1 band. Swedish polskas meet Scottish reels, English folk g.....

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Random Event

Juju! Showcase: Sabbey Drummers International - 22nd Oct 2014

This is a very special showcase event by JUJU and Afro-Palace, for a very special performance. SABB.....

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Sahara Ganga Festival

London - 25th Oct 2014

Halloween Magic Carpet Ride

London - 31st Oct 2014

Jump Jive And Shout

London - 8th Nov 2014

A Bridge Feat. Zohar Fresco

London - 22nd Nov 2014

Monica Vasconcelos

London - 8th Nov 2014

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Tamikrest - 9th Nov 2014

TAMIKREST embody the spirit of a fiercely independent people with their unique Saharan sounds - a 21.....

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Random Event

Lifem 2014: Amira Kheir (sudan) + Amadou Diagne (senegal) - 31st Oct 2014

The London International Festival of Exploratory Music (LIFEM) is back, this time focusing on Africa.....

Random Event

Balkan Beat Box / Dub Inc - 22nd Oct 2014

Hip hop dub electronics and explosive BALKAN BEAT BOX are back in London to play their biggest show .....


Coming soon...

Balkan Beat Box / Dub Inc

London - 22nd Oct 2014

Etienne Daho Live At Koko

London - 23rd Oct 2014

Casa Margarita - House Of Love

London - 23rd Oct 2014

Dani De Moron Trio

Gateshead - 23rd Oct 2014

Världens Band

Lincolnshire - 23rd Oct 2014

Dani De Moron Trio

London - 24th Oct 2014

Open The Gate - Africa Special

London - 24th Oct 2014

Random Event

Rogerio De Souza & Martin Heap And Clube Do Choro Uk - 25th Oct 2014

We are what we share!   In October, Clube do Choro UK's special guest is the guitar duo of R.....

Random Event

Etienne Daho Live At Koko - 23rd Oct 2014

A crucial figure of the early 80's Rennes post-punk wave, Etienne Daho is one of the most influ.....