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Blues At The Ritzy Ft. Dust Me Down Blues Band - 26th Sep 2014

Swing Patrol's monthly Blues dance night celebrates 2 years of being London's finest Jook .....

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Random Event

Sahara Soul - 27th Sep 2014

New grooves and visions of the Sahara shared around a campfire in the desert night...   If last y.....

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Çiğdem Aslan

Brighton - 21st Sep 2014

Lamf 2014: Mamani Keita

London - 24th Sep 2014

Lamf 2014: Debra Debs

London - 24th Sep 2014

Lamf 2014: Sona Jobarteh

London - 23rd Sep 2014

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The London Uyghur Ensemble - 11th Oct 2014

The London Uyghur Ensemble is a London-based group playing traditional and popular music of the Cent.....

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Random Event

New Rope String Band - 17th Oct 2014

Appearing at this years Musicport Festival, Yorkshire, is the side-splitting comic genius the New Ro.....

Random Event

Lamf 2014: Juju! Ft. Seeds Of Creation + Sabbey Drummers - 20th Sep 2014

As part of the London African Music Festival 2014, JUJU! presents organic African sounds and rhythms.....


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Electric Elizabethans +

London - 3rd Sep 2014

Gypsy Nights

London - 3rd Sep 2014

Dunajska Kapelye

London - 5th Sep 2014

The Turbans (+ Farafi)

London - 5th Sep 2014

Wonderful World Of Music

London - 7th Sep 2014

Simply Soweto Encha

London - 12th Sep 2014


Bristol - 12th Sep 2014

Random Event

Lamf 2014: Debra Debs - 24th Sep 2014

Singer/songwriter DEBRA DEBS is currently getting some serious attention from knowing soul, jazz and.....

Random Event

Sans - 4th Oct 2014

Ancient Finnish Karelian songs, sweeping Armenian and English melodies in a timeless, gravity-free m.....