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Album Review: Daxuva & Nina Miranda – Le Jardin [August 2018]

Album Review: Daxuva & Nina Miranda – Le Jardin [August 2018]

Le Jardin (The Garden) is a soft electro-pop album created in collaboration by Anglo-Brazilian singer Nina Miranda and Brazilian producer Daxuva (Pedro Ferraz) – the debut record under the Daxuva moniker. The album sets itself within a collision; on one side you see the soft, sensual aspects of a garden,...

Your Ticket to… 2018 (in 10+ Albums)

By now, you’d already know that we don’t like charts, ranks or hierarchies. So, of course, we have compiled a list of our favourite albums of the year (next to songs and videos), but more than a ranking, we prefer to call our choices a “music guide to 2018”. To...

Preview: Mr Morski @ Hootananny (London; Sunday 27th January 2019)

After having sailed all along the Mediterranean musical Sea, now it’s time to go ashore and discover what continental Europe has to offer when it comes to notes. For the first Rhythm Passport’s Rootmaster appointment of 2019, we will visit the Balkans, Bulgaria to be more precise, with a good-and-proper...

Your Ticket to… 2018 (in 50 songs)

We know that the curtain closed on 2018 more than a week ago but, given the incredible number of good tunes released throughout the year, we also thought that it was better to take a few additional days to tidy up our music-listening. What follows is a playlist of the...

Interview: Q&A with Nicola Cruz – ‘Innovating Tradition’ (December 2018)

French-born, Ecuador-raised composer Nicola Cruz is one peculiar artist. When his first album Prender El Alma came out in 2015, many were left speechless: his intuition to blend warm, bass-fuelled, downtempo beats with traditional Andean melodies resulted in a new kind of music that spoke straight to the heart. While touring around...

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