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Interview: Q&A w/ Mystically – Upbeats for Your Soul

You can hardly start a new year in a better and more optimistic way than listening to some soulful and heartfelt reggae. Mystically, the duo formed by Marie-Lou Fauconnet and Adeline Aurokio, and their brand-new album Iration perfectly fits the bill.  The singers and songwriters, based in Besançon, were inspired...

Your Ticket to… 2020 (in 20+1 Albums)

Hard to believe that such a dire and dramatic year could inspire such an abundance of remarkable albums. Or maybe, on the contrary, the multitude of emotions sparked by the pandemic and our new life’s circumstances might have been the main reasons why musicians were able to write, record and...

Album Review: Oumou Sangaré – Acoustic [No Format!; June 2020]

Album Review: Oumou Sangaré – Acoustic [No Format!; June 2020]

Acoustic is a rootsy reimagining of Malian superstar Oumou Sangaré’s 2017 album Mogoya, but where Mogoya used a palette of beats and synths, Acoustic says more with less.  Opening with ‘Kamelemba’, a song of counsel warning women away from sweet talkers and playboys, Oumou’s majestic voice converses with the jittery...

Album Review: Bab L’Bluz – Nayda! [Real World Records; July 2020]

Album Review: Bab L’Bluz – Nayda! [Real World Records; July 2020]

This is a very exciting debut album by French-Moroccan band Bab L’Bluz. Lead singer Yousra Mansour and multi-instrumentalist Brice Bottin recently learned the awashi and guembri (sintir/bass lute) while exploring their love of Gnawa music and ended up in a four-piece psychedelic blues rock band. It really is much more...

News: Bandcamp Your Friday, for One Last Time (Friday, 4th December 2020)

It goes without saying that we will miss Bandcamp Fridays… Today, till midnight (Pacific Time), is indeed the last appointment with one of our favourite initiatives meant to support and bring some well-deserved fee-free income to the pocketsof labels and musicians. So, to celebrate the 10th Bandcamp Friday of this...

Album Review: Nubya Garcia – SOURCE [Concord Jazz; August 2020]

Album Review: Nubya Garcia – SOURCE [Concord Jazz; August 2020]

SOURCE is the first long player by tenor saxophonist and one of London’s young jazz luminaries Nubya Garcia. London has been the campus for what has been happening in jazz lately, and the hothouse of Tomorrow’s Warriors and Trinity Laban Conservatoire along with nights like Jazz Re:freshed and Church of...

Interview: Q&A w/ La Deyabu – Close-ups on Chile

Just a couple of weeks ago, on the 25th of October, Chilean people were the driving force behind one of the most important moments in their country’s life. A national plebiscite, spurred by months and months of social unrest and protests against the government and culminating in different cacerolazos, set...

Interview – Q&A w/ Manudigital – Dubbing Reggae in French (October 2020)

Reggae music is Manudigital’s playground. Since his debut, more than 15 years ago, the French songwriter, producer, bass player, DJ and rhythm-maker has fooled around, enjoyed himself and worked with Caribbean-scented upbeats and uptempo vibes, which are better if having a digital nature and electro suffix. In these years, he...

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