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Interview – Q&A w/ Manudigital – Dubbing Reggae in French (October 2020)

Reggae music is Manudigital’s playground. Since his debut, more than 15 years ago, the French songwriter, producer, bass player, DJ and rhythm-maker has fooled around, enjoyed himself and worked with Caribbean-scented upbeats and uptempo vibes, which are better if having a digital nature and electro suffix. In these years, he...

Album Review: Ghetto Kumbé – Ghetto Kumbé [ZZK Records; July 2020]

Album Review: Ghetto Kumbé – Ghetto Kumbé [ZZK Records; July 2020]

Ghetto Kumbé is an example of an act that dares to lead with striking visuals, and doesn’t disappoint with striking music to match. Formed in Colombia by three seasoned performers – singer El Guajiro and percussionists Chongo and Doctor Keyta – they have cultivated an enticing Afrofuturistic sound and image...

Preview: Osibisa @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Wednesday 30th September 2020)

After months and months of “virtual” events, we are more than thrilled to finally restart writing about a “physical” one featuring a good and proper institution of the UK scene celebrating its 50th anniversary. Since the mid-50’s, Teddy Osei has spread the Ghanaian highlife bug far and wide, but it’s...

Album Review: Duma – Duma [Nyege Nyege Tapes; August 2020]

Album Review: Duma – Duma [Nyege Nyege Tapes; August 2020]

When Venom’s legendary album Black Metal came out in 1982, ‘black’ meant two things: a vague reference to Old Nick himself and a fashion statement. Not one metalhead could have foreseen that it would be in – of all places – Nairobi where the mosh pits would be heaving with headbangers...

News: Bandcamp Your Friday (Friday 4th September 2020)

We’re really more than glad to see that Bandcamp’s Fridays have become a thing and music lovers are increasingly embracing and supporting them (next to supporting musicians and labels) month after month. The 7th Bandcamp’s Friday has just started, so we though to virtually crate dig the latest releases from...

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