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Preview: Kongo Dia Ntotila @ Rich Mix (London; Thursday 24th May 2018)

Kinshasa’s calling! On Thursday, Haile Music and Rich Mix will host a quintessential Congolese music night, presenting Kongo Dia Ntotila on the Shoreditch venue’s stage. The London-based band, formed by Kinshasa-born Mulele Matondo (vocals and bass) and David Lessie (drums), plus British John Kelly (guitar), Will Scott and Mike Soper (trumpets),...

Album Review: Anelis Assumpção – Taurina [Scubidu Music; February 2018]

Album Review: Anelis Assumpção – Taurina [Scubidu Music; February 2018]

Taurina, the third album from Música Popular Brasileira (MPB) singer-songwriter Anelis Assumpção is calm tropicália, fuelled with Brazilian flavours; the country’s musical aesthetic is combined with progressive rock influences throughout the album. The smooth and funky grooves by the Sao Paulo based singer-songwriter are best suited to a warm Sunday...

Preview: Lankum @ Round Chapel (London; Thursday 17th May 2018)

Four-piece traditional group Lankum fuse obscure, whimsical and unsettling songs of the past with their own strong sure sound. Their lyrics often depict the feelings of those left behind in post-recession Ireland. Like their contemporaries Stick in the Wheel, they bring a raw, punk edge to traditional songs; each word smacks of...

Preview: The Turbans UK Tour (UK-wide; 12th April to 26th May 2018)

Forget about the words ‘gig’, ‘concert’, and ‘music performance’, The Turbans’ live shows are parties: flaming, rutilant and exhilarating events. It couldn’t be otherwise when it comes to a band that displays such fast BPMs and energies when on stage. Throughout the next two months, they will liven up and...

Preview: Red Baraat @ Rich Mix (London; Monday 7th May 2018)

There’s no escape from the mighty beat of the dhol. That’s why Red Baraat‘s gig at Rich Mix on the 7th May will blow you and the Shoreditch venue away. The 8-piece band from Brooklyn, with roots firmly planted in the North Indian tradition and a brass section loud enough...

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