Album Review: Bomba Estéreo – Ayo [Sony Music Latin]


The electro-tropical party machine Bomba Estéreo are back with their fifth album Ayo – their first for major label Sony. It’s concise, clocking in at 34 minutes.

Clubby tracks – such as “Money, Money, Money” with its squelchy acid bass, pitched vocals and compressed electronic beats show a confident swagger primed for a commercial dancefloor assault.

The feel-good pop of title track “Ayo” – a commercial sounding and party-fueled, “Quimica (Dance With Me)” pale in comparison to Ayo’s album’s lead single “Duele” – a deliciously wonky, leftfield Latin affair, with scratchy violin and ringing telephones.

Things cool down with penultimate track “Taganga” – a sublime, head-nodding, electro-reggae that bobs and weaves with stabs of laser FX.

Ayo is a mixed, uneven collection where the pumped-up adrenalised tracks can leave you feeling jaded after a few listens.

Standout moments are when the band gives songs space and time to breath – the introspective and experimental moments showcase the band’s strength.

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