News: Baharat – s/t [Batov Records, 24th February 2017]


Baharat is a name not to be taken lightly. It means ‘spices’ in Arabic, but it doesn’t refer to any one particular spice; it indicates a variety of them. It’s a flavourful and bold mixture of spices that gives a well-defined identity to a dish.

That’s why, if you decide to call your band Baharat, you need to be original, a bit exotic and genuinely zesty. With all that in mind, we’re pleased to premiere the debut on Batov Records of this promising Tel Aviv-based trio; bringing together rich Middle Eastern musical imagery and tradition, with a more Western-infused surf rock, with impressive psychedelic distortions and vintage attitude.

The first Baharat‘s releases is an intriguing, self-titled EP; five songs that bode well for the first full-length album, leaving enough room for growth and further sound development.


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