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Album Review: Ko Shin Moon – Leïla Nova [Akuphone; March 2020]

Album Review: Ko Shin Moon – Leïla Nova [Akuphone; March 2020]

We are a product of our own environment. Nowhere is this more evident than in music, as an accurate representation of the artist’s social fabric. To Axel Moon (oriental lutes, beats) and Niko Shin (keyboards) of Ko Shin Moon, this phenomenon doesn’t seem foreign. “In Aubervilliers 90% of the population...

Preview: Alfa Mist @ Earth (London; Tuesday 3rd March 2020)

Experience a genre-crossing musical deluge, travelling between hip-hop, grime, jazz and classical with one of London’s most forward thinking artists. Fast becoming a staple of London live music culture, Earth provides a space that can offer big and international acts an interesting space to play to large audience. Not sanitised...

Album Review: LaliBoi – Siyangaphi [Teka Records; November 2019]

Album Review: LaliBoi – Siyangaphi [Teka Records; November 2019]

‘History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes’. At the beginning of the 20th century in South Africa, the ownership of the cultivable land was transferred from five million Africans to one million Europeans. When the native population was banished from the towns and stuck in limbo, the obvious question...

London Gig Guide (February 2020)

At times, we are the first to lose track of how many exciting music events happen in London each month, so we have decided to offer you some sort of “public musical service”, meant for all the locals and passers-by, with the aim of suggesting where to listen to some...

Preview: Sam Lee @ EartH (London; Monday 17th February 2020)

In the last few years, Sam Lee has not only charmed us with his music, but also with inspiring projects and event formats. Thanks to the support of the Nest Collective‘s extended family, he went far and beyond the music boundaries, and associated his shows with community experiences and environmental...

Interview: Q&A w/ M.anifest – Growing Into and Out of Ghana

It’s no secret that the hip-hop scene in Ghana and West Africa at large is more exciting than ever. From the GH hip-hop of the mid-‘90s to today’s nu-school after passing through the hiplife years, the style has made millions of adepts, followers and sales, continually re-shaping itself while always...

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