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Preview: DAM @ Jazz Cafe (London; Saturday 2nd March 2019)

The Jazz Cafe frequently provides a space for dialogue, community and music. It is also relevant in the popularisation of minority music and thus its rise in appreciation from the larger music industry. Saturday 2nd March promises to be no exception, together with Arabic culture promoters Marsm, they will shine their lights...

Album Review: Kel Assouf – Black Tenere [Glitterbeat Records; February 2019]

Album Review: Kel Assouf – Black Tenere [Glitterbeat Records; February 2019]

Kel Assouf are a rocking inter-global trio, whose roots fuse from West African Sahara to European Belgium and beyond. They sit comfortably in the Tuareg musical character, moulded by trailblazers Tinariwen, but with this new release, they burst through and breakdown musical barriers, roaring rock’n’roll, as well as spiritually meditative...

Interview: Q&A with Kel Assouf – Rocking the Desert

Since 2016, when we first met them at WOMAD UK, we have constantly felt under the rocky spell of Kel Assouf. The roughness of their sound, which goes side-by-side with their heartfelt and profound lyrics, has brought new life into the so-called Tuareg rock style. Despite being based in Brussels...

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