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Interview: Roberto Fonseca – “Crazy and Romantic” Cubanism

It’s always surprising to consider the number of remarkable musicians born and bred in Cuba. The Caribbean island is a non-stop forge of brilliant artists, but some of them are even more brilliant than the others. Roberto Fonseca is one of those; a pianist and composer, who has grown up...

London Gig Guide (December 2019)

At times, we are the first to lose track of how many exciting music events happen in London each month, so we have decided to offer you some sort of “public musical service”, meant for all the locals and passers-by, with the aim of suggesting where to listen to some...

Preview: Afriqoui @ Oslo Hackney (London; Friday 6th December 2019) 

Afriqoui’s ‘Mokako’ caught my undivided attention while I was still studying in college over five years ago, and its absolutely irresistible grooves have stayed with me as a number-one party track ever since. No DJ set feels complete without visiting the Afriqoui boys, mixing traditional African musical elements, such as...

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