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Preview: Onra @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Sunday 5th May 2019)

Bringing his unique beats onto Jazz Café’s stage on the fifth of May, Onra will be sure to dazzle, groove and sample his way late into the evening (Jazz Café is open until 3AM on club nights). Hailing from Paris, Onra is on a hip-hop tidal wave of his own...

Preview: Baildsa & Balothizer @ Balabam (London; Friday 10th May 2019)

Balabam will go fully Greek on 10th May, when Baildsa, a punk-ska-reggae outfit from Thessaloniki, and London-based Balothizer and their “Cretan music from hell” will turn the Tottenham venue upside down. The two bands reflect two different, but both passionate and energetic, ways to interpret Greek music. If Baildsa’s tunes...

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