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Review: Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita @ Womad (July 2014)

There are instruments that seem to have been separated at birth. Despite their distant homelands and their different appearances, they speak the same language, and awaken similar feelings. The harp and the kora are one of the best examples of this instrumental kinship, which enables distant cultures to relate without...

Interview: The Good Ones @ Womad (July 2014)

When you meet their dark, deep and imperturbable gazes for the first time, you can’t avoid locking your eyes with them; to stare, wordless, at them. Their expressive eyeballs are able to narrate a story which not even an in-depth one hour interview can disclose. They tell a story that...

Review: Kobo Town @ Leftbank (Bristol, 22nd August 2013)

Through the doors of the Leftbank in Brstol sees a petite lounge that at first glance looks peaceful and tranquil supported with small ambiance lighting just enough to see the glow of peoples faces. Tonights tipple!? a coffee was at first thought the preferred drink of the night! but none...

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