Preview: Afro-Palace Live Session with Ibibio Sound Machine & Eardrum @ Passing Clouds (London, 22nd January 2016)


Following on from the roaring success of their 2014 debut record and tour, Ibibio Sound Machine step onto home turf as they visit East London’s Passing Clouds this Friday to showcase their ever eclectic Afro-electro meets disco sound.

The eight-piece ensemble, which is one of the most recent and intriguing Soundway signings, will display its contagious upbeat sound built on Ghanian highlife, funk, soul, psychedelia and free-ranging synths, and we can guarantee that they will keep gig-goers and listeners on their toes throughout.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the London-born Nigerian singer Eno Williams, who will bring the weird and wonderful folk stories of her childhood to life through songs completely performed in her mother’s traditional Ibibio tongue, Ibibio Sound Machine will surely do credit to the name of Passing Clouds’ Afro-Palace Live Sessions.

Next to Ibibio, the first session of 2016 will also host on stage the urban-inspired eclecticism of Eardrum, Lisbon-based DJ Irmãos Makossa, and AfroCaribbean-oriented selections played by London finest DJs Volta45Chief Commander Yaaba and Oli Hurez.

All you need to do is to treasure Eno’s words: “got to move, got to get out” and “let’s dance“!

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