Preview: Alfa Mist @ Village Underground (London; Monday 13th May 2019)


Within the new crop of London-based jazz artists, there aren’t many that are still in demand to see perform live. With a huge number of venues, festivals and promoters buying into UK jazz, there is normally a wealth of options every night across London to see the likes of Nubya Garcia, Ruby Rushton, Zara McFarlane or one of the many excellent artists who have blossomed from this new wave.

Alfa Mist, after releasing Antiphon in 2017, became an artist that is almost rare to see live. The album, which was one of the best released in 2017, brought him huge success and respect, selling out immediately. With the new album, Structuralism, just out, this will be one of the biggest shows Alfa Mist will have done yet in the UK. At a largish venue, Village Underground, his infusion of traditional jazz and hip-hop will boom out of the D&B speakers into the Hackney warehouse.

Alfa Mist’s particular form of jazz highlights his skill on the keyboard, while allowing his band to take centre stage on songs. The drums create a hip-hop form of jazz that is the perfect backing for the long trumpet notes, which are a staple of every one of his tunes. A gig not to be missed; as these jazz artists become ever more successful, releasing more and more critically acclaimed albums, the venues will only get bigger and less intimate.

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