Preview: Amadou & Mariam @ Koko (London, 24th May 2017)


It will be on a Wednesday instead of dimanche (Sunday) and will happen in London (at Koko) instead of Bamako, but you can be safe and sound that djembes, n’doulous, baras and n’tamas will resonate all around Koko regardless.

Amadou & Mariam are well and truly back, and ready to perform in London once again, bringing with them the synth driven vibes and disco grooves of their upcoming new album La Confusion (which will be released in a few months by Because Music).

With a career spanning more than 40 years, they have legitimately become two of the most referential and revered musicians on the scene. They’ve been able to translate their music to appeal to rock and pop audiences, playing side by side with celebs like David Gilmour, U2, Coldplay and Manu Chao, and they haven’t lost their joy and ability to share it with their fans.

Their gigs are still enriching cultural experiences, in which their genuineness always prevails. No doubt you’ll dance along to the show, and you’ll also feel honoured for having had such a significant musical encounter.

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