Preview: Auntie Flo @ Spiritland (London, 5th January 2017)


If you’re considered as one of the most up-and-coming and talented DJs and producers on the global beats scene, there must be a reason. Actually, when it comes to Auntie Flo the reasons are countless, because the music taste and touch of the Glaswegian musician are among the finest around.

His 2016 was memorable and led his name and that of his label (Highlife) to be known and well-respected all over the world thanks to their new releases, remixes, showcases and DJ-sets.

2017 already looks to be no less exciting for the Scottish artist, starting with his first show. In fact, on Thursday, you have the opportunity to experience and appreciate Auntie Flo’s groove at Spiritland in London, one of the finest sound-systems in the city, available to one of the most refined music palates in the country: you can’t go wrong.


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