Preview: Baildsa & Balothizer @ Balabam (London; Friday 10th May 2019)


Balabam will go fully Greek on 10th May, when Baildsa, a punk-ska-reggae outfit from Thessaloniki, and London-based Balothizer and their “Cretan music from hell” will turn the Tottenham venue upside down.

The two bands reflect two different, but both passionate and energetic, ways to interpret Greek music. If Baildsa’s tunes are characterised by up-tempo and punky vibes inspired by the Balkan region, Balothizer “enrage” their island’s tradition to create their own theatrical and anarchic sound.

What unites the two bands is their fire-eating approach to live performance. Both Baildsa and Balothizer are indeed inexhaustible stage performers, and you will experience that on your own skin, moshing, jumping and sweating from the first to the last note.

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