Preview: BKO Quintet + Jupiter & Owkess @ Camden Assembly (London, 25th August 2017)  


It’s not every day that there is an opportunity to be involved in such exciting gigs, with artists who are not simply referential names for long-established music styles but have gone even further by creating their own ones.

That’s why we feel delighted to co-promote an event happening on the 25th of August at Camden Assembly when two out-of-the-ordinary ensembles will share the spotlight for an exciting pan-African night.

BKO Quintet and Jupiter & Okwess have helped to keep up-to-date Malian and Congolese sounds. The musicians from Bamako and Kinshasa have a defying attitude towards their traditions, which have developed thanks to their musicianship. At the same time, they’re also keen to preserve and spread their music roots and have become ambassadors for their cultures abroad.

If BKO will present their unorthodox combination between a donso n’goni and a djeli n’goni enriched by psychedelic vibes, Jupiter Bokondji and his band will set free the groovy waves of their very own Bofenia rock next to Congolese rumba, kwassa kwassa and soukous.

There are bands that are happy revering their tradition and devoting their repertoire to a particular style, and there are others that do all that and go further beyond charting new courses.

Join us on Friday the 25th at Camden Assembly and experience first-hand the new directions in music undertaken by BKO Quintet and Jupiter & Owkess.

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