Preview: Blue Lab Beats present Jazzmatazz Live @ The Jazz Café (London; Friday 15th & Saturday 16th March 2019)  


There’s not much need to say how influential a project like Jazzmatazz has been for both jazz and hip-hop. What is maybe less in the public eye is how much Jazzmatazz is still shaping the sound of new jazz and hip-hop acts.

Last year, the seminal first album of the series, forged by late rapper and producer Guru, turned 25, and it’s reassuring to see that its legacy is brought forward by so many young musicians.

An example is what will happen this weekend in Camden, where one of the most imaginative new names coming from the London jazz scene, Blue Lab Beats, will portray their take on Jazzmatazz on the Jazz Café stage.

The two shows won’t just be a tribute to the Guru’s masterpiece, because the North London duo will also present some of their new and original material.

On 15th and 16th March, come along to the Jazz Cafe to experience a good and proper musical classic through the eyes (and ears) of two gifted fans.

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