Preview: Chancha Via Circuito @ CLF Arts Café (London, 28th July 2017)


Despite recent troubles, bans and restrictions, the Argentinian electronic music scene is still lively and exciting, and you can have a taste of it on the 28th of July at CLF Arts Café in Peckham.

The July episode of Love Carnival will bring to South London, the alternative approach to electronica of Pedro Canale, better known as Chancha Via Circuito.

Since 2005, Chancha Via Circuito has represented one of the coolest names on the scene. He still respects his Latin an Andean credo, bringing forward the cumbia and electro-cumbia word, but he’s also widened his vision, giving his music a global dimension and appealing to listeners and clubbers all over the world.

From 10PM to 5AM you won’t stop dancing because, next to Pedro, you’ll also enjoy the invaluable support of the Movimientos crew: MC Fedzilla, Selecta Mad Max and the host DJ Cal Jader.

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