Preview: Club To Club Festival (Turin, Italy, 1st to 7th November 2017)


Italy’s number one music festival returns this week for its 17th edition — with the most incredible line-up they have ever been able to put together.

The roster includes the most acclaimed upcoming artists of the moment, such as Warp Records signee Lorenzo Senni, this year’s breakthrough artist Lanark Artefax, and debutants Kelly Lee Owens and KÁRYYN, plus infamous electronic music stars such as Bonobo and Nicolas Jaar — the latter performing twice, both live and as a DJ — as well as world-renowned DJs such as Richie Hawtin and The Black Madonna.

The most incredible highlight of this year’s festival is not jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington headlining the second day of the festival in the newly refurbished Officine Grandi Riparazioni, nor will it be anonymous Italian trap star Liberato, who will perhaps finally reveal their identity. Nor will it be Arca or Mura Masa, although it is worth noting that if they are returning to the festival after having performed only last year, there must be something special about Club To Club.

There must be something about it, or else legendary German duo Kraftwerk would probably have not agreed to perform eight of their classic albums for four nights straight!

As if there were already not enough reasons to fly to Turin this November.


Get into the Club to Club spirit with our playlist…

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Watch the full playlist:

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