Preview: Count Drachma + Bridget Marsden & Leif Ottosson @ The Old Queens Head (London, 30th September 2015)


Everyone is wondering why these four Oxford-based guys sound so exotic, sing in Zulu and chose to start a project related to traditional South African rhythms like maskanda.

But, if you’re in tune with the British music scene, the surname of two of the band members (Steadman) should ring you a bell or two.

The brothers are indeed part of Stornoway, a band that despite representing an inspiring expression of British folk also hides some unusual and offbeat references.

Then, if you add that the Steadman brothers were born and bred in South Africa this should dispel all doubts and tempt to join them for the next gig that they will play on the Old Queens Head’s stage under the The Nest Collective’s wing.

Count Drachma are indeed a great example and arguably the only exemplar of “Zulu post-folk” which conjugates traditional maskanda sounds, rearranged long-established South African melodies and brand new folk songs with some Mzansi beats.

To change the compass direction to the night, the violin of Bridget Marsden and accordion played by Leif Ottosson will infuse the venue with Scandinavian atmospheres and “classical folk” feelings.

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