Preview: Criolo @ Islington Assembly Hall (London; Tuesday 10th September 2019)

Criolo Islington Assembly Hall

There has always been unconditional love for Kleber Cavalcante Gomes. The Brazilian MC and singer-songwriter, better known as Criolo, who also has a past as educator, is one of our favourite artists, not only for his genuine song-writing talent and musicianship, but also for the commitment he has constantly shown towards his country, people and social causes.

It’s not by chance that Criolo has today become one of the “greatest” of the Brazilian contemporary music scene; he is indeed loved and venerated by millions of fans. After little more than 10 years of his career (his debut happened in 2006 with Ainda Há Tempo), his shows are regularly sold out and his albums included in the ‘best of the year’ lists by critics and magazines, even when he decides to widen or shift his musical horizons as he did in his latest work Espiral de Ilusão.

As a result, we couldn’t wait to welcome him back to London (after his 2016 performance), and it goes without saying that his upcoming Islington Assembly Hall gig on 10th September is one of our live music highlights of the month. Join us, and you can be sure you’ll let yourself loose to some smooth Afro-Brazilian rhythms and be “hit” by sharp and outspoken lyrics.

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