Preview: DakhaBrakha @ Village Underground (London, 1st October 2015)


Ukraine has never been so punk and we are not talking about music, but attitude…

DakhaBrakha, one of the most exciting and radical representations of the contemporary Eastern European music scene, will visit London tomorrow and shake up Village Underground turning upside down many of your certainties about the art.

The quartet, which throughout its more than 500 gigs all over the world has always mixed together theatrical expressivity with a so-called musical “ethno-chaos”, is no more an up-and-coming act in the world music scenario, but is still able to stun, confound and amaze its listeners.

Every DakhaBrakha’s show is indeed an only child, grounded on the remarkable musicianship of its actors but also their unpredictability and exasperate improvisation qualities.

As the band name suggests, DakhaBrakha’s show are all about a cultural “give-and-take”: so if you want to experience a unique adventure and shock your day, just head to Village Underground with an open-mind.

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