Preview: Dur-Dur Band + Animanz @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Sunday 16th June 2019)


I have personally been dying to see The Dur-Dur Band live in concert, having missed their epic concert which launched their double-disc LP (‘Vol.1 & Vol.2’ on Analog Africa).

Described as representing the golden era of Somalian music, their sound can certainly feel nostalgic, sometimes with warming reggae rhythms, often with disco-esque keys and saxophone, and always with a very deep grooving bass guitar, such as in ‘Dooyo’ and ‘Diinleeya’.

Certainly, a very exciting and rare concert, guaranteed to move emotions and feet.

Furthermore, there is another rare chance to catch London-based band Animanz, who are supporting them. They released their debut on Tru Thoughts Records, and represent a London-based fusion sound. I managed to catch them play at London Remixed Festival, mixing their various funky influences, and was completely blown away by their energy and sheer irritable grooves.

Catch all this at the lovely Jazz Cafe on 16th June.

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