Preview: Emicida @ Kamio (London, 21st July 2017)


There are few musicians who are able to give a disenchanted but still appealing and rhythmic perspective of Brazil. One of the most original of them is Emicida.

The Sao Paulo born and bred MC has grown up, polished and mellowed his sound and approached more traditional influences, but his tongue remains as sharp as ever.

On the 21st of July, he’ll be back in London (Kamio), one year after his Walthamstow Garden Party performance, and will excite the audience once again with his blend of hip-hop, urban beats, forrò, samba, maracatú and his outspoken, but expressive ability to create a genuine bond with his listeners in a matter of seconds.

Don’t miss the chance to experience and relate to a down-to-earth but inspiring version of Brazil, its present state and its unforgettable sound.

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