Preview: Fanfara Tirana meets Transglobal Underground @ Bedroom Bar (London, 18 October 2015)


Calling all Londoners! October the 18th marks a rare opportunity to catch London fusionists Transglobal Underground and Albania’s Fanfara Tirana dazzle with a mesmerising mash-up of Balkan brass, big beats, Indian tabla and Caribbean bass.

Expect some of the most dynamic and captivating music around during this show as two bands from wildly different background come together to celebrate their collaboration success story.

A bond formed between both bands three years ago when Transglobal Underground were asked to remix a couple of tracks by Fanfara Tirana for a new album – little did they know what would happen next.

What started as a small side project grew into a full-blown collaboration. The resulting album ‘Kabatronics’ captivated audiences around the world with the unique vocals of Fanfara’s Hysni Niko Zela pitted against TGU’s experimental take on bass-driven World Music.

This is an ambitious experiment in borderless music that has so far done nothing but impress – the show will almost certainly to dazzle all those who attend.

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