Preview: Indonesian Voices with Gamelaning Quartet & Aga Ujma @ The Post Bar (London; Saturday 19th June 2021)


It’s a shame, we know…for our events, we hardly venture to Southeast Asia to unearth its vivid cultural expressions and musical gems. That’s why on Saturday the 19th of June, we will make amends by bringing “something completely different” to the Post Bar in Tottenham.

A double bill music event of Indonesian traditional music performances featuring two sets by Gamelaning Quartet and Aga Ujma, followed by a Q&A session involving and letting the musicians interact with the audience.

As their name suggests, Gamelaning Quartet is a gamelan project harmonising the Indonesian islands tradition with the London soundscape. The trio, which counts on musicians from the Southbank Gamelan Players, is formed by multi-instrumentalist, composer and music educator Aris Daryono, musician and therapeutic sound worker Cathy Eastburn and gamelan teacher Pete Smith.

Aga Ujma is a London-based Polish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She is also a professional gamelan musician and a member of the Southbank Gamelan Players. In recent years she had the opportunity to learn Javanese gamelan music and Sasando supported by the Dharma Siswa scholarship offered by the Indonesian government.

Throughout the evening, they will be performing traditional Javanese pieces, which are common pieces nowadays in traditional performances on the island, as well as exploring the distinctive sounds and timbres produced by combining gamelan and Western instruments.

So, join us at the Post Bar in Tottenham on Saturday the 19th of June to have a one-of-a-kind and intimate meeting with gamelan, its percussive instruments, enchanting sound and century-old tradition.

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