Preview: Hola! London 2018 @ O2 (London; Saturday 21st July 2018)


Latin music lovers get ready for a cultural feast!

On the 21st July, the Hola! London “ritual” will repeat itself at the O2 in North Greenwich, bringing to London some of the most celebrated interpreters of the Latin American tradition.

From midday till late, the complex and its surrounding outdoor areas will transform themselves into a pueblo where Latin music, dances and food will grab the spotlight thanks to Cuban ensemble Jesus Cutiño & Son de Cuba, pure Cali-style salsa band Kalison Orquesta and DJ Johnny G, next to the quintessential Latin American street food experience Comida Fest.

However, it will inevitably be inside the arena where the action will happen. The 2018’s edition of Hola! London will be honoured by the presence of two Latin music legends, Colombian Latin-pop giant Carlos Vives and Panamanian salsa master Rubén Blades supported by the Roberto Delgado Salsa Band.

If Vives has dedicated his career to spreading traditional Colombian sounds and bringing them to a global audience reinterpreting his roots in a more easy-listening fashion, Blades has helped the growth of the Afro-Cuban music scene, blending influences coming from all over Central America and giving new meanings and social significance to salsa and Latin-jazz.

The two headliners won’t be the only ones delighting the audience, because Piso 21 and Descemer Bueno will also present their takes on Colombian and Afro-Cuban music. Piso 21 are indeed an up-and-coming band from Medellin, that has brought plenty of freshness and vigour to reggaeton and Latin-pop, while Bueno is a talented and successful interpreter of Cuban songwriting, which he rhythmically boosted adding bachata and hip-hop.

You have no alternative but to take the day off on Saturday 21st July and go fully Latin at Hola London!

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