Preview: In the Round – Jorge Drexler @ Roundhouse (London; Friday 24th January 2020)

jorge drexler roundhouse

Singer/songwriters like Jorge Drexler aren’t born every day. The Uruguayan artist is indeed a model for the category, being a classy and refined chiseller of words and notes.

His shows are music wonder of wonders, in which the musician (next to actor and otolaryngologist) look back at his extensive and heartening repertoire built on the full spectrum of Latin music (from traditional to contemporary and classical influences) and everyday life stories.

That’s how you can savour an acoustic bolero or dance to a rhythmic cumbia next to stargazing with an electro-pop tune or even following the tempo of some hip-hop beats; that’s how you can daydream inspired by idyllic lyrics about love and hope or brought back to the ground by straightforward words about migrations and loneliness.

Jorge Drexler will showcase all this and even more on the 24th of January at the Roundhouse for the first appointment of the 2020’s edition of In the Round… and they could hardly find a more stimulating opening.

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