Preview: Jambinai + KOYO @ The Garage (London; Thursday 6th June 2019)


We never made a secret of our passion for musicians who are able to go (far) beyond the borders of style and tradition, always looking forward, experimenting, surprising and even unsettling their audience. Jambinai, a Korean experimental-rock band from Seoul, is all this and even more.

They studied and grew fonder of the Korean traditional gugak music, so much so that they decided to shake it down and bring it forward, adding the sound of the Seoul contemporary music scene, including metal, electronica, avant-garde, post-rock and improvisation.

The quintet will be performing at The Garage in London in a few days’ time, supported by Leeds-based psych-rock quintet KOYO. The Korean band will be presenting their brand-new album released on Bella Union (titled Onda), and displaying their “habitual” revolutionary musical character. Get ready to experience a completely different take on Korean music.

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Artists: Jambinai

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