Preview: Kahareb #2 كهارب – Best of Arabic Electronic & Underground Music @ Rich Mix (London; Friday 28th June 2019)


Don’t turn up your nose at what the event title claims; that it’s truly the best Arabic electronic and underground music event in London. Not only have the organisers, MARSM UK, built a name as the most active promoters for Arabic and Middle Eastern music, they also know a thing or two about putting together exciting line-ups.

And what will go on scene on 28th June at Rich Mix is exactly that. From 8pm till 4am, you will enjoy a full immersion in the new electronic and alternative vibes coming from the Middle East.

Part of the 2019 edition of the Shubbak festival, which is exposing to the London audience Arabic contemporary culture at large, Kahareb #2 will have you dancing all night to North African and Middle Eastern DJs, producers and percussionists, like Sama’, who’s arguably the most emphatic voice of the blooming and booming Palestinian techno scene, or SHKOON with their deep-house blending Oriental harmonies and rhythms with West European electronica, or again Tunisian Afro-electro wizard Nuri and his visionary polyrhythmic bassy vibes.

On the last Friday of June, don’t miss the second episode of Kahareb at Rich Mix, where you will be able to indulge yourself and dance the night away to the “Best of Arabic Electronic & Underground Music

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