Preview: Kaligola Disco Bazar @ Magic Garden (London, 12th August 2017)

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At the same time as Serbia hosts the fastest growing brass festival (Guca Trumpet Festival), Italian band Kaligola Disco Bazar bring their own hedonistic Balkan-style horn parade to London’s Magic Garden. The collective revives old traditions with a modern twist, uniting folkloric melodies with electronic dub-reggae beats and an imposing horn section.

The group were brought together in 2011 by radio  DJ Mondo Cane as an exploration and reinterpretation of traditional Eastern European music. Riding high with the current fashion in street brass music, expect to hear singing in a variety of European languages, representing the multifarious cultures residing around the Adriatic Sea.  

The stage will be filled with high energy, euphoria, and enthusiasm, so if you can’t be in Serbia, take a shot of raki and this may well be the closest thing.

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