Preview: Kefaya – Radio International Album Launch – FREE ENTRY @ Rich Mix (London, 25th November 2016)


We interviewed them, reviewed, previewed and also included one of their songs in our monthly compilation… and no, they don’t pay us. Jokes apart, we simply love their sound, attitude and inclusive and internationalist credo harboured in their music. For this reason, we will also be at Rich Mix on the 25th to enjoy Kefaya’s free entry album launch gig.

Giuliano Modarelli and Al MacSween (who are the core of the collective) will have the evening at their disposal to lead you through their sound and global influences, and probably an evening won’t be even enough… The musicians have indeed built their compositions on their well-travelled music lives. They’ve taken details from their social and political beliefs, Mediterranean and British roots, Middle Eastern listenings, interest in contemporary North African civic awareness and unrest, and Indian cultural exploration. They didn’t blend all together, but kept all the elements well discernible in their tunes, giving a well-defined identity to each one.

It won’t be a usual Friday-night-out, and you will be served food for your thoughts lasting for the rest of the weekend.


In collaboration with Rich Mix


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