Preview: Lankum @ Round Chapel (London; Thursday 17th May 2018)

Lankum ROund Chapel

Four-piece traditional group Lankum fuse obscure, whimsical and unsettling songs of the past with their own strong sure sound. Their lyrics often depict the feelings of those left behind in post-recession Ireland. Like their contemporaries Stick in the Wheel, they bring a raw, punk edge to traditional songs; each word smacks of authenticity, and at times, anger. The drone of Radie Peat‘s pipes creates a unique, atmospheric quality; indeed, they describe themselves as ‘Seamus Ennis smoking DMT with Brian Eno and The Dubliners’.

On Thursday May 17th, Lankum – formerly known as Lynched – will play at London’s Round Chapel thanks to organiser The Nest Collective, known for their inspiring folk lineups. Seeing Lankum live is essential: their performances span from the playful sounds of a cappella songs, like “Daffodil Mulligan”, to the eerie sounds of “What Will We Do When We Have No Money?”, and from “The Old Man From Over The Sea” – lead by Peat’s unmistakable voice – to foot-stomping tracks like the rousing “Peat Bog Soldiers” and “Sergeant William Bailey”.

Come and hear a fresh perspective on modern traditional Irish music from Lankum, they’re the most important and engaging Irish act I have seen in many years.

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