Preview: Late Night Jazz – Bahla @ The Royal Albert Hall (London; Thursday 25th October 2018)


A special show by London-based Bahla awaits us as part of Royal Albert Hall’s Late Night Jazz Sessions in their smaller venue, The Elgar Room.

The Royal Albert Hall has been putting on these evenings for a long time, and recently have seen many of London’s up-and-coming jazz artists grace the stage, including Nerijia, Ezra Collective and Rob Luft.

At the end of the month, they present another up-and-coming group that have recently come out of London; Bahla are a five-piece group who infuse jazz and Jewish folk. However, their influences stretch beyond these historic genres. They play subtle melodies that are supported by the gentle voice of Ines Loube.

Moving away from the fast-paced, afro-beat/grime-infused jazz that has come to dominate and lead the way in British music, this is a nice change from most things you will hear in London. It is a slower tempo, more relaxed and will suit the cabaret-style seating at the Elgar Room.

Bahla have just brought out their debut album, Imprints, which is a lovely journey through a spindly array of music, that could have come straight out of a shtetl on the Ukrainian Polish border. However, do not think this show will be looking into the past. You can expect contemporary jazz and a very modern sound.

Bahla are just starting out, and you can expect to see a lot more of them in the future. Catching them early on, and in a fine, small venue is going to be worth your trip, whether you like Jewish folk jazz or not.

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