Preview: Manana//Cuba: A Night of Afro-Cuban Collaborations featuring DJ Tennis, Plaid, Ariwo, Soundspecies and Obbatuké @ Barbican (London, 26th May 2017)


In April 2016, we had a chat and wished good luck to Jenner Del Vecchio for his upcoming new Cuban adventure called MANANA festival. So, it’s a great feeling, little more than a year later, to write once again about one of the most intriguing events of 2016, even if under a slightly different perspective.

Because Jenner and Harry Follett (the two co-founders of MANANA) are bringing the soul and vibes of the festival from Santiago de Cuba to London, for a one-off show at the Barbican.

What struck us about the MANANA project, next to its remarkable line-up, was its organic dimensions and absolute musical communion between Cuban artists and international DJs and producers. It will happen again, more than 4000 miles away from the Caribbean Sea and you’ll have the chance to experience it for yourself in little more the 4 weeks.

London based DJs Soundspecies, IDM duo Plaid and Italian DJ Tennis, will mix their electronic sound with Cuban and Afro-Cuban rhythms of Ariwo, Obbatuké, Aché Mey and Alain Garcia Artola (third co-founder of MANANA).

…and for one night, the concrete structure of the Barbican will appear warm, vivid and buzzing, just like Santiago’s Plaza de la Revolución.

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