Preview: Mishti Dance V @ Poplar Union (London; Saturday 31st August 2019)


Mishti Dance is THE underground music event for the Asian underground music scene. Curated by a passionate music historian, DJ Isuru and going on stage on Saturday the 31st August at Polar Union, the show is catering to the gap in the market, providing dancefloor night-out fillers to those identifying as listeners and lovers of the underground music scene born out of 80’s London.

This installment won’t disappoint, with sitarist Sheema Mukherjee of dance pioneers Transglobal Underground set to play, and with the bonus treat of being backed by some of the bandmates. As well as poets and spoken word artists Shareefa Energy, there’s a blast of Bollywood burlesque from the unique Bolly Ditz Dolly and drag from King Khan – all of course hosted by DJ Isuru.

Catch it whilst it’s young! It won’t be underground for much longer.

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