Preview: Moddi – Forbidden Songs @ Hoxton Hall (London, 7th December 2016)


After hearing of Richard Burgess’ song on the controversial Eli Geva, and singer Birgitte Grimstad who was pressurised not to perform it, Norwegian musician Moddi was completely gripped. The singer-songwriter was drawn to the “slippery” nature of music censorship – expressing in an interview with London’s Radio Monocle how “you can kill a musician but you cannot kill his music”. The result of this encounter is Unsongs – a hauntingly serene album of 12 soulful covers of songs from around the world that have experienced different forms of censorship, breathing new life into them.

Unsongs will feature in London for one night only at the East End’s historic Hoxton Hall, on December 7th, as a pensive conclusion to Moddi’s sold out European tour. It is held in support of Index on Censorship, a London-based organisation dedicated to defending freedom of expression around the world, and all proceeds go to the organisation’s Music in Exile Fellowship.

From Vietnam to Mexico, and punk rock to jazz, all the songs Moddi covers are stripped down to their barest form, focusing instead on the power that music has as a storyteller, with its ability to heighten our consciousness and open up our world. This will certainly be a night to remember.

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