Preview: Mulatu Astatke @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th December 2019)

mulatu jazz cafe

Before Mulatu Astate came to the scene in the late 60s, Ethio-jazz hadn’t yet surfaced. Combining the pentatonic system of Ethiopian church music and the twelve notes of Jazz, he fuses a perfect marriage between the two genres. On the 17th and 18th of December he will be gracing the Jazz Cafe’s stage, allowing you to celebrate the diversity of London’s music scene with the godfather of Ethio-jazz.

Mulatu Astatke brings forward pure mood in his sets, he has moved beyond the ‘Swinging Addis’ era and continued to innovate in the decades since. It is through a blend of mysteriously winding horn lines, driving Afro-Cuban rhythms and his signature vibraphone that creates an ethereal cinematic presence to his music.

Astatke has come into further fame from his incredibly sampleable hooks, featured in the music of hip-hop acts such as Nas, Damian Marley, Kanye West and Knaan.

Join us at the Jazz Café on the 17th-18th of December a rare opportunity to experience Mulatu Astatke’s music in an atmospheric and intimate setting.

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