Preview – O Rappa @ Electric Brixton (London, 13th August 2016)


Expect a thought-provoking experience this August as the musical diversities of O Rappa return to Brixton, equipped with their signature protest beats covering the likes of environmentalism and police brutality.

From the classic rap album of Lado B Lado A to their latest best-selling record Nunca Tem Fim…, make sure you don’t miss the kings of Brazilian reggae live in London this August. Combining elements of rock, reggae, funk, hip hop and samba, O Rappa have fused new technologies with their existing sounds to maintain their freshness over the years, and are sure to impress with their new musical concoction for 2016.

O Rappa were first drawn to Bob Marley-style reggae, the sound of international third-world protest, yet have maintained an ethos of social criticism and racial awareness alongside successful musical experimentation. Widely thickening their music with anything from hard-scrubbing funk guitar to the power chords of rap-rock,  O Rappa can de surmised with a lyric from their Brazilian hit “Minha Alma” (built on a James Brown riff) – “Peace without a voice is not peace, it is fear.”


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