Preview: Onra @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Sunday 5th May 2019)


Bringing his unique beats onto Jazz Café’s stage on the fifth of May, Onra will be sure to dazzle, groove and sample his way late into the evening (Jazz Café is open until 3AM on club nights).

Hailing from Paris, Onra is on a hip-hop tidal wave of his own thanks to his globetrotting lifestyle and boundless inspiration. Onra is clearly stirred by his diverse roots, having ancestry from both Vietnam and Ivory Coast, these subconscious influences tap into his beat making in a way that keeps his sound vibrant, fresh and addictive. This was first brought to the world by his debut full-length album Chinoiseries, that used a retro Vietnamese record collection to give a vintage Eastern sound to his groove-ridden masterpieces.

Joining him at Jazz Café’s club night on the 5th is Devin Morris, who has previously collaborated with Mndsgn and features on Onra’s label NBN Records. For all hip-hop and ethno-sample enthusiasts, this is the evening for you!

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