Preview: Preservation Hall Jazz Band – Islington Assembly Hall (London; Tuesday 10th April 2018)


Infectious, deeply rooted and constantly swinging, Preservation Hall Jazz Band swagger with musical pride. Founded in the sixties, the group aims to preserve the New Orleans historical sound – rhythm and blues, swing and jazz mixed with Afro-Cuban and African rhythms. This group is the flag-bearer for the city’s most traditional art form.

On Tuesday 10th April, the band will be leaving their French Quarter home to fill the stage at Islington Assembly Hall. The band members ooze the southern state’s hospitality that makes both the music and venue swell with love and contagiously enthusiastic energy.

Watch the mother of all swing bands as they incorporate street beats from their home parades and embrace the spirituality that drives the New Orleans culture. These guys will pump life through your veins, all the way to the outermost reaches of your body, devouring every cell on.

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