Preview: Sarathy Korwar – More Arriving + Ms Mohammed & Ahadadream (DJ) @ MOTH CLUB (London; Wednesday 25th September 2019)

Sarathy Korwar MOTHCLUB

Undoubtedly one of the hottest names in the UK music scene, Sarathy Korwar has recently released one of the most intriguing albums of the year. More Arriving is only the second studio album of the US-born Indian musician (who’s today based in London), but already a mature and factual musical account of the present days.

Themes like immigration, racism, post-colonialism and borders are all taken into account and portrayed through a wide range of styles and influences, from Indian classical music to hip-hop, reggae and jazz.

You’ll experience all this and even more on 25th September, when Sarathy Korwar will present his work on the MOTH CLUB stage. He will be supported by Ms Mohammed & Ahadadream, and you will relish in the music played by one of the most sensible contemporary songwriters.

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