Preview: Seckou Keita + Gwyneth Glyn @ Rich Mix (London, 17th November 2015)


As part of the EFG London Jazz Festival, Senegalese sensation Seckou Keita will be leading an audience at Rich Mix into mystical soundscapes, orchestrated by his kora – a 22 stringed West African harp.

Seckou has attracted international recognition after displaying multi-instrumental splendour – known at the same time as a kora maestro, a djembe master and a talented composer.

This tour comes in the wake of his new critically acclaimed album 22 Strings, which dives deep into the diversity of the kora’s harmonies.

Seckou was a childhood prodigy, coming from a line of griots and kings.  Although his music has deep roots in over seven centuries of tradition, he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with his art.

To witness this music in London is a privilege and a sure sign of how artistic borders are dissolving – demonstrated no more acutely than his supporting act, Gwyneth Glyn, a poet and folk singer from North Wales who will also sharing her folk-heritage in her mother tongue.

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