Preview: Shanty Session @ Cutty Sark (with Lisa Knapp, Ceilidh Liberation Front + More) (London, 24th September 2016)


Ahoy! All hands Ahoy!

Fill your black jack with some grog, shine your hook, iron the monkey jacket and board the Cutty Sark in Greenwich because the Nest Collective will soon weigh the anchor.

On Saturday, all the way from the bow to stern of the historical clipper “anchored” in South-East London, you’ll listen to echoes of some of the most popular and charismatic sea shanties and eventually have the chance to join the chorus and sing-along with some of the very best and saltiest sea dogs of the British folk tradition.

Lisa Knapp, Norfolk Broads, Matthew Crampton & The London Lubbers, City Shanty Band and Emily Mae Winters will be the singing-crew which will musically navigate the Seven Seas and recall stories, tales and legends inspired by an ocean of celebrated maritime imagery.

Avast, ye landlubbers! You can also show off your sea legs! In fact, before berthing the night, Ceilidh Liberation Front will let you dance till you’ll be three sheets to the wind.



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