Preview: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars @ 229 The Venue (London, 5th April 2017)


To be honest we’ve been missing them… It has been quite a while since we have enjoyed seeing Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars and we’ve been longing to reacquaint ourselves with their smiles, upbeat sound, and hopeful, forward-looking messages.

Luckily they’re back, even if they had to change the location of their London gig twice, they will be on stage at 229 to make up for lost time and stand up for the refugee cause, possibly more so today than ever before.

Since the early 1990s, they’ve been giving voice to the struggles and plights of displaced people all over the world. They do it in their own way, expressing their own experiences as refugees but, at the same time, bringing joy to their listeners and opening their hearts with humanity.

Their West African up-tempo tunes are the key to their appeal. For some people they transmit the reggae flame, for others they express a more local Sierra Leone style called baskeda, you can also find some zouk in their music.

However, once they start playing, nobody cares about finding the right label. People just can’t help but dance to their unique and special sound.

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Review: Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars @ 229 The Venue (London, 5th April 2017)

These legends of the African music scene have now been touring extensively since their formation 15 years ago, spreading their socio-political message through a heady blend of roots reggae, fused with funky soukous. Having escaped their war-torn country, fleeing to neighbouring Guinea, Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars have gone from strength…

Artists: Sierra Leone's Refugee Allstars

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