Preview: Souad Massi @ Islington Assembly Hall (London, 10th September 2016)


Souad Massi is a unique musician. Unfortunately. That’s regrettable because the singer/songwriter is the perfect example of the powerful connotation and significance that music can nurse and the world would be a more interesting place with more artists like her.

Despite moving to Paris when she was 16, Souad preserved and even boosted the characters and images of her native country, Algeria. She still sings about her homeland, its stories and people. She accented her Berber musical background and her albums are regularly inspired by her early experiences and memories.

Thanks to her popularity, she brings Algeria all over the world, giving her own sincere and sensitive interpretation of North African traditions. Her French residence has also helped her to develop an uninhibited perspective over the Arabic world, its relation with Europe and the current situation.

If you want to listen to one of the most expressive voices that the music world has to offer and the suggestive stories she sings, don’t miss the chance to see Souad Massi performance (presented by MARSM UK) at Islington Assembly Hall on Saturday. Music isn’t just notes, but a genuine representation of the present…

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