Preview: Sounds in Common Vol. 2 – Penya EP Launch + Let Drum Beat @ Total Refreshment Centre (London, 18th May 2017)


Combine Penya’s Afro-Latin zingy electro grooves with the Brazilian full-flavoured rhythms of Let Drum Beat, add handfuls of DJ Pete‘s refined taste (from On the Corner Records) and season with a generous pinch of SOAS Radio DJs eclectic selection, heat it up, celebrating an EP launch and quaff with pints of sparkling attitude. Serve in one of the most intriguing new spaces of the London music scene…

That’s the perfect recipe for your Thursday evening and you can taste this sonic delicacy at Total Refreshment Centre where SOAS Radio has set the table for Sounds in Common Vol.2 and Penya’s Beat Your Demon EP launch.

All you need to bring to this musical feast is your appetite for dance and your thirst for unforgettable new sounds and you will listen until you’re blissfully full.

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