Preview: Spoek Mathambo Presents Batuk + Afrikan Boy @ Jazz Café (London, 15th October 2016)


South Africa has long been a prime breeding ground for fresh African talent and ideas, and Batuk are certainly bringing something new to the table. The three-piece-collective from Johannesburg is formed by established electronic/kwaito producers Aero Manyelo and Spoek Mathambo, and eclectic vocalist Manteiga. Together they have created a house driven sound, which is reflective of a range of African styles from kwaito to afrobeats and have already collaborated with artists in Uganda and Mozambique.

The trio will be showcasing songs from their anticipated debut Musica De Terra. The album is a strong afro-electro record with elements of taraxxa, kwaito and afrohouse and featuring collaborations with various South African talent. There’s vocals from Nandi Ndlovu, as well as remixes from Durbans finest, Rudeboyz and Cape Town instrumentalist, Fever Trails.

As Batuk bring the stage to life Saturday at Camden’s Jazz Cafe, you can guarantee there won’t be a reserved head nod in sight.

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