Preview: Still Be Here [26th February 2017 @ Barbican, London]


Hatsune Miku is no ordinary pop singer. Hailing from Japan, she is not a flesh and blood girl, rather a 3D hologram of a teenager with turquoise hair voiced by a Vocaloid singing synthesizer technology. Since her ‘birth’ in 2007, she has become an incredibly successful and popular pop-star, whose repertoire include a thousands of songs, remixes and collaborations with Pharrell Williams, Lady Gaga, and Isao Tomita, and ‘live’ concerts around the world. 

Anyone is able to buy the software and produce music for her — and that is why her ‘discography’ is almost endless — making her a ‘collectively-constructed pop star’. Still Be Here, happening on Sunday 26th February, is a performance ideated by artist Mari Matsutoya moving namely from this fact.

The show is collectively created with music producer Laurel Halo, award-winning coreographer and visual artist Darren Johnston, virtual artist LaTurbo Avedon and visual artist Martin Sulzer, and it aims to investigate issues such the role of the pop star, the commodification of the female body, the relationship between the artist, the producer and the fans.

A no ordinary performance set in Europe’s largest multi-arts and conference venue, the Barbican.

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