Preview: Sud Sound System feat. PAPA LEU + MR FASO, Amaraterra & Fenomeno Show @ Brixton Jamm (London, 9th November 2017)


Hear ye, hear ye, lovers of Italian and Jamaican sounds – the world-renowned pioneers of reggae/dancehall made in Salento are on their way to London!

Sud Sound System is ready to inflame the stage at Brixton Jamm on the 9th of November, together with PAPA LEU + MR FASO and Fenomeno Show (Open the Gate).

With their 10th album, Eternal Vibes, the group continues to delight with their timeless mixture of Jamaican rhythms and Salentino rap. The 16 tracks on the album tackle enduring themes of social, political and economic justice, denouncing the hypocrisy of various institutions and inviting liberation of the mind and a rejection of the system.

The first single from Eternal Vibes, “Brigante” (bandit) portrays the disenchanted youth which moves abroad to pursue their dreams, and the failure of the insensitive State to hear these voices of protest. The bitterness of these themes also reveals the band’s eternal love for their beloved Salento.

Adding splendour to the spectacle, the concert will feature an opening set from London’s masters of pizzica Amaraterra.

Come and enjoy “eternal vibes” from an eternal band!

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