Preview: Sudan Archives @ Corsica Studios (London; Monday 11th November 2019)

sudan archives corsica

Sudan Archives is perhaps one of the most powerful female figures in the contemporary African music scene. Not just singing, but playing violin, composing and producing her own tracks, Sudan Archives really carves her own musical path; one that fuses irresistibly groovy R&B riffs and beats, played out on her Sudanese fiddle.

Personally, I have been in awe and wanting to see live for myself the creation of what I consider to be a really fresh and modern amalgamation of urban and traditional with a new taste that throws back to the raw originators of rhythm and blues. All of this musicality is wrapped up further in an avant-garde electronic aesthetic. 

So, overall, the evening is a promise of socio-commentary, smooth and funky grooves and vocals, with bass and beats.

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