Preview: The 16th London African Music Festival Presents Moonlight Benjamin @ Vortex Jazz Club (London; Sunday 30th September 2018)


One of the absolute highlights of WOMAD this year came in the form of a little-known Haitian rocker called Moonlight Benjamin. On Sunday evening, she delivered 45 minutes of enthralling voodoo blues, filled with guitars, powerful drums and the richly textured voice of Moonlight Benjamin herself. The result was an extraordinary mix of Haitian voodoo music and western blues rock.

The 16th London African Music Festival is bringing Moonlight to London for the first time on Sunday 30th September, in what promises to be a very special show. She will bring her band to the Vortex Jazz Club, a small, intimate venue in Dalston. Although traditionally a jazz venue, the Vortex has hosted a huge variety of artists – big and small – and is one of the best places to hear live music in London.

Moonlight will no doubt take over the small stage, and you can expect her to move across it, dancing around the band members with a huge smile on her face. Her energy and enjoyment are infectious. The intimacy of the show will provide the audience with the chance to feel the power of Moonlight’s deep voice, leading the army of guitars and drums into a battle of different styles. The result will be one of the most exciting sounds coming to the festival this year.

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