Preview: The Brother Moves On @ Church of Sound (London; Sunday 26th May 2019)


Given the richness and diversity of South African culture and heritage, it’s no wonder that Jo’burg is, once again, one of the most exciting musical hotspots in the world.

The largest city in Southern Africa is indeed bursting with new sounds and artistic expressions, and one of the boldest protagonists of the scene will be in London this Sunday to enrich the Church of Sound and Africa Week Dalston festival programme.

Formed in 2008, The Brother Moves On are, like many South African acts, more than a band. They are a good-and-proper art movement, including graphic designers, fine artists, actors, performing artists and, well, musicians. We are going to concentrate on the latter activity because that’s how they will enthrall East London in a few days’ time, when they will pay a visit to one of its more striking venues (COS), where they will perform two sets.

If, during the first part of the night, TBMO pay tribute to the work and legacy of two South African music eminences of the 1960s and 70s, like Batsumi and Philip TabaneMalombo, and shine a light on their ability to blend traditional sounds with jazz and improvisation, the second part will be all about their repertoire, built on a 10-year story and imaginative “tradition-trouncing trans-Atlantic Afro-centric futuristically-ancient fusion” sound, ranging from dub to free-jazz, and psychedelia to township music.

So, on Sunday, head for Church of Sound, and simply expect one of the most inspiring nights-out of the month, thanks to gifted artists and their suggestive musical influences.

Tickets available HERE.

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